Former refugees finding work and starting businesses

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Moe* was assisted with a recycled laptop and with applying for work.

Finding work is very challenging if you come from a refugee background, having had to escape from your country due to violence and war, and often leaving family members behind. 

Moe* (pictured) fled Myanmar, and settled in Coffs Harbour. Moe* came to Sanctuary for assistance when she needed a laptop. She received a donated refurbished laptop which was a great help to her with finding work online as well as accessing educational and government resources. She told Sanctuary that she had a long way to go with learning how to use the computer but was very happy to be able to now have online access to important information. 

Moe asked if Sanctuary could assist her in finding work locally, and she received help to apply with GJK cleaning company. This application was very involved, as she was applying with a government department, so she needed help with the paperwork.  Moe* says she is really enjoying her work there, and now feels much more settled in her new life here.  A client originally from Sudan also found work there with assistance from Sanctuary.

Another client from Iraq received Sanctuary’s help to attain his builder’s white card, then requested assistance in finding a course which his employer had suggested in order for him to become professionally qualified. We contacted a few educational institutions and found the perfect course and then suggested he approach his employment agency to seek funding for the training. He did the course, and now also understands his options for further training in the future. 

One of many former refugees Sanctuary has assisted to find work
Clarrise who found work with Diversity Kids thanks to Sanctuary Australia Foundation.

Another lady from Myanmar wants to start her own restaurant business, and is currently being helped to understand leases and business practice and to find suitable premises locally. 

Sanctuary has been able to assist multiple applicants with getting into work and business over many years, and tries to encourage independence as much as possible. Sanctuary has helped with start up of such local businesses as Win’s Thai Kitchen and African Hair Braiding.

Sanctuary works with clients to ensure they have the necessary English skills for the job they are seeking, and helps them to seek further training when appropriate. 

*Name changed for privacy reasons