Refugee children need to go to school like other kids!

Many refugee children face barriers to education due to financial constraints, depriving them of the opportunities enjoyed by their peers. The heartbreaking reality is that these families, already burdened by the challenges of fleeing war and persecution, struggle to afford basic school fees.

At Sanctuary, we work in collaboration with schools to bridge this gap and ensure that these students receive the assistance they need. The trauma these families have experienced doesn’t end with displacement; they often encounter further challenges in the countries they’ve sought refuge in.

“We thank you for this precious gift and generosity for our children’s studies which gives our children hope for their future.”

~Amisi, program recipient

Our program is supporting refugee students in Kenya, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. If you share our vision of providing education to these children, your contribution can make a significant difference. Join us in empowering refugee families by helping their children access the education that opens doors to a brighter future.

This initiative is made possible through the incredible support of the Amaroo Foundation and our dedicated donors. If you’re passionate about supporting a child overseas, consider making a donation through our secure GiveNow page. Your generosity directly contributes to breaking the cycle of hardship and offering these young minds a chance for a better tomorrow. Act now and be a part of positive change!