Fundraise to help refugees

Sullivan Nicolaides volunteers working at the annual doctor’s dinner to raise money for Sanctuary’s work.

We greatly appreciate you are considering fundraising for Sanctuary’s vital work. Before you begin to fundraise for Sanctuary, it is important that you have a good understanding of the work we do so that you can answer questions from your friends or the public. Please read our page Programs and some of the refugee stories.

Fundraising ideas

There are a number of very simple ways that you can raise money to support refugees. Here are a few simple ideas:

  • Hold a bake sale at your school or workplace. You can leave a jar for individuals to drop money into if you don’t have time to stand at a table.
  • If you are at a school, you can organise a mufti-day, with students donating a gold coin towards our work with refugees. A similar idea could be implemented in a workplace.
  • You could get a group of your friends together at your house and hold a morning tea, a lunch or a dinner party. Everyone can bring a plate of food and make a donation (pay an entry fee) to try out various food that everyone brings. Just make sure everyone knows that it will be a fundraiser ahead of time.
  • We have greeting cards available which you can sell in your shop or workplace to fellow employees or customers.
  • You could hold a market stall and sell things that you don’t want anymore or even just have a garage sale at your house.
  • Tell your friends to donate to Sanctuary instead of giving you birthday presents on your birthday. To do this you can simply set up a Crowdraiser page by visiting this site: and letting your friends know that you would like them to donate through this page, instead of purchasing presents for your birthday. If you need help with creating the page, we can provide the text you need to get it set up.

This is only a few of the ways you can fundraise for Sanctuary and there will be more to come soon! It is especially fun to work on a project like this with your friends and colleagues. Every dollar counts!

Get in contact with Sanctuary

If you are interested in fundraising for Sanctuary we would love to hear from you! Please use our contact page and get in contact today!