Reuniting refugee families

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Sanctuary Australia Foundation Inc. provided an interest-free travel loan for a family of four originally from Afghanistan. They fled dangerous threats from the Taliban and sought refuge in Pakistan where they lived in very difficult and risky conditions.

Achmed is a former interpreter for coalition forces so he was a taliban target and his life was at serious risk. His brother lives in Melbourne now and sponsored them, and he was overjoyed to be finally reunited at the airport with his brother Achmed, and his wife and their two small children after many years apart!

“Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it and the family of my brother as well appreciate what you have done for them it was a great help which they made it to Australia and start their peaceful life with their 2 young children and I wish them a good life here.”

“Life is not easy in Afghanistan specially for the people like my brother who served and supported the Afghan and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan. Due to his work, his family’s lives were under high threat so he had to leave Afghanistan and live in a peaceful country where him and his family can be safe. Australia was a safe place where he could live and finally he made it by your help.”

Achmed, former Afghan refugee and interpreter

The families are so happy to be together again, and to know that they are safe and their children now have a good future in Australia!

Thank you to our amazing donors and supporters across the nation for the making this possible.

They will gradually repay their interest-free airfare loan and it will be recycled to help another needy refugee family. Every dollar donated is recycled and will help many.

How you can help

Help us to reunite more families like this who’ve been separated due to war.
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