Sudanese family to be reunited in Adelaide

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There was a terrible war in South Sudan in 1983. This was a time of great sadness and fear, my mother and father were killed by the people from the North. Leaving Sudan for Ethiopia I ran from South Sudan and eventually found a home in a refugee camp in Ethiopia. I stayed there with my brother and cousin for eleven years. … Read More

Re-united with her children after 20 years

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After 20 years, Marcella was reunited with her children after leaving Sierra Leone due to war. Marcella had fled her home when militias invaded her house looking for her son, so that they could turn him into a child soldier. Luckily her children were at their friend’s house at the time the militia arrived. Unfortunately, this meant that Marcella was separated … Read More

Congolese family re-united

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Congolese refugee family reunited

After 14 years of being apart, Gasore, a Congolese man, has finally been reunited with his family who have been stuck in Kibuye Kiziba Refugee Camp in Rwanda. The family, including his wife, sons, daughter and granddaughter, arrived in Coffs Harbour on March 30th. During their time apart, Gasore has suffered greatly, worrying about the well-being of his family in the … Read More

Burmese Brothers reunited

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Burmese brothers reunited

Reng and his brother Ting, originally from Chin State, Burma, have been apart for many years. Both were part of the LND party in Burma and persecuted for it. Ting escaped to India, where he stayed for 10 years. Reng remained in Burma where he was forced to do unpaid hard labour by the Burmese military against his will, without … Read More

Rwandan Refugee Testimonial

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To: Sanctuary Australia Foundation We fondly remember all the great support Sanctuary has given me and my family. Without your humanitarian assistance we wouldn’t be here. Each year on February 23rd, we remember and celebrate our move from South Africa and our landing on the safe land of Australia. It was a great miracle for us to be able to get … Read More

Welcome to Etulo and family!

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We were very saddened to hear of the death of Lebinge, a refugee Mother, last October in Kakuma Camp, just as her family’s visa for Australia was finally about to be approved….Her story was excruciating – She had suffered violence too awful to describe, and her courage and determination in the face of such difficulty was incredible. Her dream was to … Read More

A Burundian Refugee's Story

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I am Joseph B., a Burundian man who fled from Burundi to Ethiopia due to severe persecution. I stayed in Ethiopia as a recognised refugee from February 2007 until August 2012, after which I was resettled in Australia. I have repeatedly faced serious risks to my physical safety since August 2007. I was attacked by a group of criminals, stabbed with a … Read More