Another refugee family safely here thanks to our kind donors!

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A new Chin family arrive in Coffs Harbour thanks to our supporters

Sanctuary Australia Foundation have recently welcomed a Chin family from Myanmar, providing them with an interest-free travel loan for travel from Malaysia to Australia after approval by the Australian government for resettlement.  The father of the family was abused by the Myanmar military and had to work as a porter for them carrying military equipment. They were lucky enough to … Read More

Computer aid program

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Sanctuary Australia Foundation Inc Computer Aid Program

Sanctuary Australia Foundation has recently partnered with Atlassian and Crescent Foundation, to provide laptop computers for newly arrived refugee families in Coffs Harbour, NSW. We are very grateful to the Harold Mitchell Foundation and the NSW Government for providing funding to make this program possible and to InfoXchange for their wonderful donations of Kobe e-readers and Microsoft Office 2010, and to our local computer … Read More

Thank you to Honda Foundation

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Sanctuary is so grateful to The Honda Foundation for supporting our work with refugees. Honda have generously provided part funding towards a Tesla solar battery which has just been installed. This means no more power bills ever again! Sanctuary’s charity overheads will be minimised even more, as we strive to use every dollar donated with integrity to benefit the refugees … Read More

An unexpected outcome for a refugee family in Uganda!

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Marie-Anne Bulonza's kids received support from Kate Atkinson

Marie-Anne Bulonza, a Congolese refugee mother, was living a wretched life in Uganda, unsafe and in poverty with her 2 small daughters. She contacted Sanctuary and we sponsored her (over 7 years ago). Her case was refused, as are so many, but we tried a second sponsorship, sadly still without success. One of our wonderful supporters, patron and actor Kate Atkinson, … Read More

A family reunited

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Ethiopian refugee Tikikil

It has been four long dangerous years of waiting for Ethiopian refugee Tiki, since Sanctuary submitted her visa application. When her innocent husband was kidnapped, brutally tortured and murdered by rebels her nightmare began. Suddenly arrested, she refused to testify against others, and suffered brutal physical torture for 3 months at the hands of security agents. Crushed both physically and … Read More

Thank you to the Crescent Foundation!

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We would like to thank the Crescent Foundation for their wonderful donation of laptops, which will provide refugees with assistance with their school work, accessing online Government services, studying English and seeking work opportunities and to connect with others.

Computer donations for former refugees

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Donation of a laptop to local student formerly from Burma

Sanctuary Australia Foundation has received funding from the NSW Government to provide support to local former refugee students and their families with the donations of recycled computers. This grant means that we are able to provide computers donated by Atlassian, Crescent Foundation and other individuals and companies. We are seeking further support and partners with this program to allow us … Read More

Sofia reunited with siblings in Brisbane

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Sofia is reunited with her siblings in Brisbane

We would like to welcome Sofia’s three siblings from Eritrea, who arrived safely in Brisbane last month. They received an interest-free travel loan from Sanctuary Australia Foundation. Sofia escaped Eritrea in 2009 due to ongoing persecution for being a Christian, and she spent two years suffering in Sudan as a refugee. Sofia’s mother and father here were very happy now … Read More

Burmese family arrive in Coffs Harbour

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Chin family arrive in Coffs Harbour

Sanctuary recently welcomed a new Chin family of 6 to Coffs Harbour. The Chin are a persecuted Christian minority in Burma, that have suffered terribly at the hands of the Burmese military including arbitrary arrests, torture and mistreatment, forced labour and extrajudicial killings. The father of the family, escaped from the hands of the Burmese military as they suspected that … Read More

The Sanctuary Helfgott Anniversary Concert 2018

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David Helfgott

The Sanctuary Helfgott Anniversary Concert will be held on Sunday , April 22nd at the Bellingen Memorial Hall (in Bellingen, near Coffs Harbour), starting at 2.30pm. This wonderful event will celebrate 30 years of Sanctuary’s work, helping refugees from many war-torn parts of the world. All funds raised will be carefully used to provide direct assistance to needy refugees. Renowned … Read More