How I Was Reunited with My Siblings After Years of Separation

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Siblings reunited thanks to an interest-free travel loan provided by Sanctuary.

Our Father married two women – my mum, and also another lady, the mother of my siblings, so I share the same Father with them. 

When the first war broke out in S. Sudan we sadly became scattered as a family. Mum and I found ourselves in at Rino Refugee camp, Uganda. At this point we had lost all contact with our siblings and their mother.

Our father was no where to be found too, and then we got the news in 2005 that we had lost our father. 

Through our time at the refugee Camp we gained UNHCR refugee status, which started our process to be accepted by Australia, and finally in 2007 we arrived and were welcomed in Coffs Harbour by Sanctuary members.

Reuniting with My Siblings

It was 6 years later, in 2013, that mum and I heard about my siblings! They had been found in the Juba area after they lost their Mum due to crossfire when the 2013 civil war broke out there, and this left them as child orphans with no one else to look after them. 

So with very few resources, Mum and I made the decision to help them to reach safety in Uganda, and hopefully follow our foot steps at the same camp that gave us refugee status. 

But that proved to be very difficult as they were just children. So we took a further step, to rent them a one bed room house there, as we looked for other alternatives. We then decided to apply for the Orphan Visa for them to hopefully be united with us again.

This proved to be a very challenging process along the way financially, as well as with many other difficult factors, but we worked hard and never gave up. Now five and a half years later, mum and I are finally re united with my siblings – a miracle! And that’s all thanks to Peter and Mark and their team at Sanctuary. 

Welcomed to Australia with Open Arms

The final days after visa approval became another road block as Mum and I struggled to now be able to fund their flights so they can be reunited with us. With weeks of visiting different organisations seeking for help for the resettlement of my siblings we were knocked back, until we had our last hope with visiting Sanctuary. 

Peter and Mark did everything they could to help, funding the flights with an interest-free travel loan, so I can see my siblings again. I am very grateful and appreciative. My siblings have been welcomed to Australia with open arms by the Sanctuary team and all their amazing donors. I thank you all!

R. Magok