The Inspiring Journey Of The Htoo Family

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A newly arrived Burmese family resettled in Brisbane after receiving a travel loan from Sanctuary.

In the Mae La Refugee Camp, Thailand, the Htoo family stood as a testament to resilience amidst turmoil. Paw Ra Htoo, her husband Tha Ku, and their three children – Mya, Kyaw, and Aye – hailed from the Karen ethnic group of Myanmar. Born and raised in the green hills of their village, Paw Ra Htoo and Tha Ku faced … Read More

Rising Demand for Travel Loans: Can you help?

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Mahmoud arrives in Melbourne thanks to an interest-free loan from Sanctuary

Supporting a Cause: How You Can Make a Difference In recent times, Sanctuary has experienced a surge of requests for interest-free travel loans. Once a family member has gone through interviews and medicals overseas, and is finally approved for their visa, family members here often face financial barriers to be able to afford the airfare to get their loved ones … Read More