Welcome Alain from the Congo!

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I am a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I fled my country in February 2010. During the war, my step-father was suspected of being a spy due to a misunderstanding among friends. My step-father refused to join the rebels and so these ‘so called’ friends colluded to kill him. Our step-father was aware of their plan to attack our house … Read More

Congolese family re-united

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Congolese refugee family reunited

After 14 years of being apart, Gasore, a Congolese man, has finally been reunited with his family who have been stuck in Kibuye Kiziba Refugee Camp in Rwanda. The family, including his wife, sons, daughter and granddaughter, arrived in Coffs Harbour on March 30th. During their time apart, Gasore has suffered greatly, worrying about the well-being of his family in the … Read More