Safe in Australia at last!

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A Syrian family happy to be safe in Australia.

A Syrian family have finally arrived safely in Sydney from Lebanon, happy to be reunited with their family.
They were provided with an interest-free airfare loan by Sanctuary Australia Foundation.

The outbreak of war in Syria and attacks by Takfiri militants made their life a nightmare, with continual
rocket and missile attacks on their hometown, injuring and killing many relatives, neighbours and friends. A rocket fell on a warehouse owned by a family member, completely burning it down. The loss was unbearable to the family, and the continued rocket fire and huge explosions caused a constant state of fear and panic among the children.

Life in Syria became impossible because of continual rockets attacks and then the use of chemical weapons. Then in 2018 Takfiris militants targeted their city with cluster bombs, which are internationally forbidden, killing and injuring many citizens.

Fearing that family members would be the victim of a reckless missile or a sniper bullet or that one
of them would be kidnapped, the family decided to escape from Syria, and joined their family who
had refuge in the monastery of Hamtoura in Lebanon.

Life in Lebanon was very difficult, being in limbo with little opportunity and hope for their future as
refugees. Finally, their application for resettlement in Australia was granted under her sister’s
sponsorship, and they have been greeted at Sydney Airport (photo above!).

They are now safe and happy, and slowly adjusting to their new lives with renewed hope for their
children’s futures!