Thank you to all our donors and friends for helping Angelo to continue his studies!

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Angelo with his friend.

Angelo Pel Mayol is a young refugee from S. Sudan. His life has been a big struggle, with many difficulties for him, and his mother and siblings.

When they became separated by the horror of war, Angelo and his two young cousins fled to Kakuma Refugee camp in 2014. It was a very harsh and difficult life there, but after a while he had the opportunity to join the Don Bosco technical Institute, to learn electrical engineering.  

Angelo worked hard, and he finally got a scholarship to Cambridge universal college in Kitale, Kenya, which paid half of his tuition fees. He had no money to pay the other half, so he contacted Sanctuary for assistance. He did not want to miss this opportunity.

Angelo at Don Bosco Technical Institute.

Since then, Sanctuary supporters and donors have supported him and enabled him to continue his studies.

He will graduate later this year and has already achieved so much! THANK YOU!