Laptop donations making a difference

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This little girl (above) and her family from Iraq suffered at the hands of ISIS and her father was murdered. Now, safe in Australia, she and her four siblings are going to school. This donated laptop computer is helping her to complete her studies and her mother to connect with local service providers.

The very popular Sanctuary Computer Aid Program provides recycled used donated laptops to newly arrived refugee students and their families in Coffs Harbour.

The laptops have been making a big difference for these disadvantaged students who struggle financially. Former refugees are particularly vulnerable at this time as most have no access to computers at home, yet need to study to learn English and to connect with local service providers.

We would like to thank those organisations who work with us to provide funding for this important program, and also those schools, companies and individuals who have partnered with Sanctuary to donate good quality used laptops.

The program has been a great success, allowing students to have equity and access to technology at the same level as other students. Families can use the computers to access government services online as well as to create resumes and look for work. Not only has the social impact been great with so many people having access to technology, but it has also had a positive impact on the environment, helping organisations and individuals to feel great about being part of the sustainable revolution.

Laptop donations from private schools, companies and individuals have been making a big difference for newly arrived refugees who are often struggling financially to cover their expenses and have needed to stay in touch with their English and other teachers during the covid-19 pandemic.

How you can help

If your company has good quality laptops that are about to be upgraded, consider donating them to refugee families starting life again in Australia. For more information, please get in contact via our website’s contact page.