Computer aid program

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Sanctuary Australia Foundation has recently partnered with Atlassian and Crescent Foundation, to provide laptop computers for newly arrived refugee families in Coffs Harbour, NSW.

A Macbook Air donated by Atlassian will help Issa from Syria with his studies.

We are very grateful to the Harold Mitchell Foundation and the NSW Government for providing funding to make this program possible and to InfoXchange for their wonderful donations of Kobe e-readers and Microsoft Office 2010, and to our local computer donors.

We want to ensure that every young refugee has equity and access to the computer technology which is now so vital to everyday life, and that refugee children (who are already very challenged when coming from another culture/language background) have computer access at home and do not fall behind in their work. This also benefits their family, giving them a good start with a re-cycled quality computer and providing the same opportunity as everyone else, including connecting to online Government services and job search websites.

Also, we want to encourage the recycling of electronic goods in the local community, as E-waste is becoming a big problem. Please consider donating a good quality used laptop, so that we can continue to support former refugees in their education and finding work. Please get in contact via our contact page or call 0266522127