An unexpected outcome for a refugee family in Uganda!

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Marie-Anne Bulonza, a Congolese refugee mother, was living a wretched life in Uganda, unsafe and in poverty with her 2 small daughters. She contacted Sanctuary and we sponsored her (over 7 years ago). Her case was refused, as are so many, but we tried a second sponsorship, sadly still without success.

One of our wonderful supporters, patron and actor Kate Atkinson, heard about her situation and decided to step in and help her. She started to write to her and sent regular money to help with basic needs. When Marie-Anne’s oldest daughter Ornella reached school age, Kate ensured  that they had enough money to enrol in school (it is not free in Uganda) and continued to support them for several years……

Then suddenly last October Marie-Anne was called by the UN and told that they had been accepted under the USA’s refugee program!!

Kate sent them some money to buy warm clothes and they left Uganda and arrived in Wisonsin, USA in November!

“Their story goes to show that no matter how discouraged or impotent we sometimes feel ….that every little act of support can eventually add up to something. And we can never underestimate the impact off reaching out and letting people know that they are not forgotten and we haven’t given up! And now look…they’ve finally found the safe secure home they’d hoped for. Well done Sanctuary!”Kate Atkinson, Actor and Sanctuary Patron

Marie-Anne wrote ‘We arrived safely and had a good welcome from an organization called World Relief. They have been really helpful, and we are adjusting well. Yes it is so cold here, that is one big challenge but hopefully we will get used to it! Thank you so much to Sanctuary for being there for us when we were in Uganda.”

This young family have a wonderful beginning to their new life in the USA thanks to Kate’s ongoing care and support, especially with their education. She is hoping to meet them one day!