A Country Of My Own?

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This is a poem by Sebastine Kamara.  She came to Australia in 2007 after spending 14 years in Ghana as a refugee. She came with 5 of her older siblings. Her parents and 6 of her remaining siblings are still at the camp because their visas were cancelled due to  their father’s illness. She currently lives in Lavington NSW, with her husband and 3 children.  She works with refugee and migrant families/children as a home tutor. Her dream is to get a degree in community and human services.

Once I had a country of my own,
Lively, tropical, vibrant green.
Why did I leave?  You ask me.
Well it was stay and die,
Or flee to return another day.

Once I had a country of my own.
Now I’m a citizen of someone else’s land.
Sometimes they say ‘go back to where you come from!’
But where could I go back to now?
And who to?

Once I had a country of my own.
Now feeling comforted and secure in Australia,
Why am I yearning so bad for my Africa?
I can never forget Togo, my homeland,
No matter where I go.

Once I had a country of my own.
Now, not knowing where I belong tastes bittersweet.
When I lay my head down here I feel safe.
But I dream…
My Mother country, my Togo, lively, tropical, vibrant green.