Fictional horror stories to help victims living real-life horror stories

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Steve Dillon, Founder of the Refuge Collection

Steve Dillon, Founder of the Refuge Collection

We would like to thank Steve Dillon and all contributors to The Refugee Collection fundraiser. Steven generously offered to fundraise for Sanctuary and have so far they have raised a fantastic amount of $1,065 through online sales and $250 from an auction. This money will go towards providing an interest-free airfare loan to assist a Syrian refugee family to be reunited in Sydney after being displaced by the horrors of war. Sanctuary Australia Foundation sponsors refugees from many war-torn countries all over the world, providing them with interest-free airfare loans and advice and support with issues around adjusting to settling into a new country and culture.

“The Refuge Collection” is an exciting new project that is the brainchild of Steve Dillon, who is also contributing editor and publisher. It’s a series of 36 ‘short shuddering stories’ intended to enthrall and terrify. Ghostly and eerie tales of supernatural terror, this is viewed by Dillon as a way for fictional horror stories to help victims living real-life horror stories“*.

What is unique about “The Refuge Collection” is that although all the stories can be enjoyed as stand-alone tales, together they build up into a much bigger picture. Each writer, each tale introduces new characters, locations and events that can influence the next writer’s story, and so on.

The Refuge CollectionSteve was looking for a local charity that supported refugees in some way and Sanctuary Australia just seemed to be a charity that could make a real difference. For him, The Refuge Collection is a way to raise awareness, improve people’s insights into the refugee ‘experience’ and also to try to raise funds of course. And I believe we’ve chosen a great charity; it’s very satisfying to know the funds go to some real practical use like helping to reunite separated families who’ve been torn by circumstance.

If you have an idea for a fundraiser involving your church, business, school or social group please visit our Fundraise for Sanctuary page and download our fundraiser proposal form.

*All author (and publisher) proceeds go to the Sanctuary Australia Foundation and Refugee Action UK.

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